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What topics can Danny Mack present?

The Art of Happiness
Everyone wants to be happy. Finally, someone tells you how. In this enlightening and entertaining presentation you will learn three reasons you can be happy along with the four keys that unlock the secret to happiness. This presentation is perfect for any organization.

The Art of Happiness Seminar
This three hour seminar will give you a fun, practical, and insightful path to happiness. You will be able to apply the principles of happiness to your relationships, business and increase personal happiness.

The Seven Dumb Mistakes Smart People Make
Smart people make good grades but often do not achieve the success they have dreamed of for themselves.

This presentation will awaken the audience to the barriers that have kept them from achieving the results they desire. This presentation is perfect for business, churches or anybody who wants to stop making the dumb mistakes that prevent success.

Happy Employees Prosperous Business
Many employers are learning how to use the principles of happiness to effect the bottom line. They have learned that happy employees create a prosperous business. When employees are happy, production increases and retention decreases. Danny has a unique ability to connect to employees and inspire them to seek a life of happiness.

If Grief Is A Game These Are The Rules
The loss of a loved one will change the course of your life. Nobody knows how to grieve because there are no rules. Danny will share his incredible life long journey through the grieving process. His expertise combined with personal experience makes Danny one of the most sought after speakers on this topic.

How Do They Make Cheetos and Other Mysteries of Life
Leadership is the hottest topic today.

Everyone is talking about a “New Normal” but does anyone know what it is? Paradigm shifts are changing everything Americans do. If you want the ability to thrive as a leader during this transition moment, you will want to hear this presentation. Learn how you can be a paradigm shift leader.

The Healing Power of Humor
Does humor bring healing? You bet it does and humor is Danny’s specialty. The audience will learn how humor effects the body, mind and spirit. They will not just learn about. They will experience it.

The Four Spiritual Laws of Marketing
Danny has spent 25 years marketing hospice services. How do you get people to engage with services nobody wants?

It can be done by connecting to the four spiritual laws that make it possible to market any product or service. This special presentation has received standing ovations by revealing the amazing truths in the spiritual laws.

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How do I book Danny to come speak at my event?
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How much does Danny charge to speak?
Because Danny is on a mission to spread happiness all over the world his fee is reasonable and works within most event budgets.