An “edu-tainment” style, full of compelling insight and humor

The story of his overcoming polio and tragedy as a child gives him a unique ability to help people heal from a broken heart or motivated to live their best life.


It is finally here! It is what you have been waiting for! You have wanted to hear more from Danny Mack and now you can.

When Danny speaks at his events people come rushing to buy his encouraging and enlightening resources so they can listen to his presentation over and over again. Now you can purchase his most dynamic messages right here. Go to the resource page and click on, “I want this.”

One person said, “I was driving down a highway listening to one of Danny’s messages. I had to pull my car over to the side of the road when I heard Danny give me the insight that unlocked my troubled heart. I just had to sit and take it in.”

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Ten Reasons to Have Danny Mack Speak at Your Event
1. You want people to be informed and entertained at the same time.
2. You want participants to leave feeling glad they came.
3. You want someone who has a reputation for being one of the best they have ever heard.
4. You really like blues harmonica.
5. You want someone who can captivate an audience.
6. You want to be inspired, motivated, and encouraged.
7. You want a speaker who has a wide range of skill sets and can make any topic exciting.
8. You want a speaker who can emotionally connect to your audience.
9. You want a speaker who has a personal story of overcoming tragedy and moved from survival to thrival.
10. You think people with gray hair are cool.

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  • Danny Mack is one of the most entertaining, inspiring, positive speakers I have had the pleasure to work with.- Laura Lewis, TV Host
  • Danny has a gift for speaking from his heart, in a way that translates to others who are at any point in their journey of grief.- Judy Malone, Southwest Airlines Coordinator
  • I thought he was one of the most inspirational, motivational, sincere and realistic speakers I’ve heard in 31 years of nursing.- Kathy Hill, RN