Danny Mack

Danny Mack is a philosopher, theologian, motivational speaker, life coach, spiritual healer and expert on rock n roll.

The story of his overcoming polio and tragedy as a child gives him a unique ability to help people heal from a broken heart or motivated to live their best life.

He has an “edu-tainment” style of speaking that combines the power of education with entertainment. His presentations are full of compelling insight and humor.

Audiences leave encouraged, motivated and inspired.

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What Danny Offers

Danny mack is a motivational speaker

Danny Mack is on a mission to spread happiness all over the world through his speaking and online with his “Danny Mack’s Happiness Tracks”. His presentation on the Art of Happiness is inspiring, entertaining and informative.

His story of overcoming polio as a child inspires his audience to rise above self-imposed limitations and accomplish their dreams.

His expertise in the field of happiness provides the audience with the practical tools to create a happy life.

Born in Oak Cliff Tx in the 1950’s, Danny was part of of an incredible music scene in his teens and has continued his love for Rock n Roll music to this day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Danny charge to speak?

Because Danny is on a mission to spread happiness all over the world his fee is reasonable and works within most event budgets.

What topics can Danny Mack present?

The Art of Happiness

The Art of Happiness Seminar

The Seven Dumb Mistakes Smart People Make

Happy Employees Prosperous Business

If Grief Is A Game These Are The Rules

How Do They Make Cheetos and Other Mysteries of Life

The Healing Power of Humor

The Four Spiritual Laws of Marketing

How do I book Danny to come speak at my event?

You can contact Danny by emailing him at DannyCMack@aol.com

Danny Mack is one of the most entertaining, inspiring, positive speakers I have had the pleasure to work with. With a tender heart, keen mind and fabulous wit, Danny is able to get right to the heart and soul of the matter of grief and creatively intertwines it with a message of hope for a brighter future that is available to all of us. “Mr. Inspiration”, Danny is truly an outstanding individual whom I am also happy to call one of my dearest friends. Oh yes, and Danny Mack rocks!

Laura Lewis

| Media Expert | Production | Promotion | Marketing | Speaker | Author | Healthy Living Guru | TV Host, LauraLewis.com

Danny has a gift for speaking from his heart, in a way that translates to others who are at any point in their journey of grief. He gives hope when we feel hopeless; support when we feel like we are free-falling; and understanding when it seems everyone around us doesn’t understand. He is truly an example of someone who uses the painful lessons of life to help others, gives freely to help us navigate this painful season, and guides us through the transformation to the other side.

Judy Malone

Southwest Airlines Coordinator, Southwest Airlines

“I thought he was one of the most inspirational, motivational, sincere and realistic speakers I’ve heard in 31 years of nursing.  The way he presented information was very realistic and pertinent to everyday life.  I thought it was wonderful!”

Kathy Hill

RN, Vitas Hospice